Exercise vs. Surgery for the Busy Woman

Balancing a career, family and a healthy lifestyle can be a big challenge for many successful women. Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, without cutting corners anyway? Well, you’re not alone.

One of the first things to suffer when you’re short on time and trying to juggle many different commitments and aspects of you’re life is the gym or healthy eating plan. It is especially easy to let things slip in this department when you’re tired and feeling like you’re constantly on the go – 24/7.

As you well know, staying healthy and in good shape is a bit part of living a happy, successful life. Eating and drinking sensibly sometimes isn’t enough to stay looking your best – especially as we approach our older years!! Turning to ‘alternative’ options such as surgery or even new supplement programs. But are these ‘shortcuts’ really a good substitute for regular exercise, whether that’s yoga, running, spinning, or weight lifting? We say no, but they certainly don’t have to be disregarded altogether.

Surgery for getting in shape

One thing that a surgical approach can do very well is remove fat which seems to be immune to dieting or exercise. As you get older, this becomes more and more common, especially as the metabolism slows. Another case where surgery is becoming more common is a year or so after having a child – it is very well known that losing baby weight is very difficult for most women. These procedures are often called mummy makeovers and there are even surgeons that specialize in them exclusively. It isn’t hard to see why; just check out the average prices!

Many women will never be able to get anywhere near their previous sizes just by exercising though – even if they do it every day of the week!! Procedures such as lipo or abdominoplasty can be well worth the substantial costs for many patients; literally a couple of weeks after surgery the “nightmare” fat deposits can completely disappear, with only minimal scarring or evidence of a procedure remaining.

What we say is that if you REALLY are struggling to get in to shape with more traditional strategies then look at surgery if you can afford it. Until then, relying on a healthy balance of eating well and going for a jog, swim or fitness class regularly is your best option. That’s how you’re going to achieve at your highest level!

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Working for Yourself – 3 Ways for Women to Freelance

Working for yourself is the dream for many people. This is especially true if you have a family and would rather be able to operate from home, rather than in an office from 9-6 each day. It is very common to think that you need some kind of special skill-set or very in-demand talent to freelance and be able to work remotely online from wherever you want. This however couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You don’t need to be a genius coder, world class salesperson or copy-writing genius to be able to command a decent freelancer’s fee for your work. In fact, more entrepreneurial minded women than ever are making the choice to work for themselves, which means they get a lot more control of their lives, the amount of time they spend’working’ and also the potential monthly income which they can earn. Thankfully most of these women will seem totally ‘average’ to most people – here is how they are taking the plunge and going freelance or working remotely.

Content Writing

Being a writer is actually a great way to earn a full time income while working for yourself and setting your own schedule. So many websites require a constant stream of high quality articles that writing really is big business now. Signing up to a site such as Elance.com is a great starting point. Elance acts like a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to exchange money for services, and writing is one of the major ones – there is always a lot of demand. If you’re fluent in written and spoke English, you’ll also have an advantage over many providers who will be competing with you – as English will often be a second language for them.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Organizing people’s lives is actually becoming pretty lucrative. An experienced and highly organised ‘virtual PA’ can earn $20-$50 per hour when working for a successful CEO or high level business person who needs someone to take care of time consuming tasks and admin. Again, check out Elance for job postings such as these. Just one client could bring in a full-time salary if you’re good, and if you make sure to work only with high end professionals who have money to spend and are willing to pay for someone who’s efficient that actually saves them time, stress and hassle.

Work Remotely for Your Current Employer

Like your current job, but not a big fan of being tied to an office or a single location? Maybe it is time to sell your boss on the benefits of remote working. Cite higher productivity, no commuting time and less distractions. Most office based jobs can easily be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a solid internet connection and a way to communicate with colleagues you should be fine.

These 3 options should provide something for everyone, so what are you waiting for?